Davy's Dream

A boy named Davy dreams of sailing among a pod of wild Orca, "killer" whales.  The dream is so real he feels he has become a part of their world. Excited by his vision, he sets out to to realize his dream.  He is not afraid even though he has been warned that the so-called "wolves of the sea" are not tame whales.

As Davy embarks on his adventure he finds that in their frolic the wild whales don't notice him.  Saddened, he returns to shore and falls asleep dreaming of how he wants to be included in the whale's play.  Then he has his dream again, but this time something is different!  Davy learns that dreams pursued can come true! 

He painted it like he saw it in his dream.

They welcomed him with song.

Make dreams come true with Davy now.

Praise for Davy's Dream

While this is an inspiring story to encourage kids to "follow their dreams," what attracts me back to this book are the illustrations. 

Paul Owen Lewis' paintings in "Davy's Dream," with the predominance of greens and blues, contrasted against the black and white of the orcas, vividly captures the essence of the San Juan Islands and the dreamlike state one can experience in this breathtaking environment. To his credit, Lewis lets his pictures tell Davy's dream for several pages, without the help of words. 

Whenever I read this book aloud to students in my elementary school library, they always listen with awe and then line up to check it out.

  ~ Volkert Volkersz, Amazon.com Reviewer

Davy dares to pursue his dream of sailing among the orca. He turns a deaf ear to pessimistic adults and sets out. But -- his dream is illusive and avoids him. A quick "refit" and he makes contact with the whales. Well drawn / illustrated, a story from and for the heart. [ I had the privilege of hearing the author tell about making the book -- his first -- to an audience of elementary school students. ] A great story of inspiration, better than the Little Engine that Could's "I think I can" -- this one says "I'll go do it!" 

  ~ Reader, Amazon.com