Ever wondered?

Ever wondered what the world would be like if some things were different? For instance:

  • What if there were sublines as there are airlines? 
  • What if our teeth were black instead of white? 
  • What if the clouds surrounding the earth were formed in bands like they are on Jupiter? 
  • What if the Egyptians had lived in an arctic desert instead of an arid one?

Ever Wondered? shows us our world transformed by rearranging elements of familiar knowledge. The book can be used to generate ideas for writing, drawing, classroom discussions, inventions, games, costumes, maps, etc. Inside you will find passengers enjoying submarine sandwiches while skimming the ocean floor, toothpaste with a high charcoal content, walls of tornadoes encircling the earth, giant igloos in the shape of pyramids, and much more! 

... with Ever Wondered? now.