In this tale of confidence and growth, Grasper, a small crab, lives in a cramped and overcrowded tide pool. When he sheds his hard shell as part of his natural growth cycle for the first time, Grasper discovers the liberation and exhilaration that come with molting. But his older crab comrades warn him that when a crab is out of his shell, he is also out of his mind, and that in order to survive, a crab must have a hard heart as well as a hard shell. But Grasper, swept away by his new feelings of freedom, goes exploring beyond the limits of the tide pool despite their advice.

He discovers the world is far bigger and far better than he ever imagined: the water is clearer, the food more plentiful, and the surroundings more beautiful. Inspired by an encounter with a very large and wise crab, Grasper goes home to tell his friends about his experiences on the other side of the rocks. After much doubt and debate, he and a few like-minded friends leave the stagnant tide pool forever and intrepidly set off for the promising frontier Grasper discovered. 

Grasper couldn't believe his new eyes. There was a whole new world out there!

He set off to explore and found... a shiny treasure.

Follow your heart with Grasper now.

Praise for Grasper

Grasper is a young crab who says he ''feels as though he is going to burst''. The other crabs tell him he is going through the process of molting for the first time. ''Be careful Grasper,'' they tell him ''for when your shell is soft, so is your heart, and that is a dangerous life''. Grasper ventures above the rocks of his home and into a lush coral reef where he discovers a world full of hidden wonders. Lewis's intricately detailed illustrations are enough to take one's breath away. They capture that ''underwater feel'' reminiscent of Grame Base's classic picture book THE SIGHN OF THE SEA HORSE. GRASPER is a beautiful parable about how an open mind can achieve miracles.  ~ Falcor, Amazon Reviewer

I first encountered this book while working at an enviro ed summer camp for 4-12 yr olds.
This book was every teacher's favorite to read on beach day, no matter the age of the kids. It's a feel good story about self discovery and breaking out of our comfort zones as well as educational about crabs and their life cycle. It's been years since I've read the book but now my folks live on an island and I have a toddler so this book will become a kid's library staple there.  ~ Kelly Cannon, Amazon reviewer

My girls are 2 and not only do they love the pictures which are simply georgous, but they like to hear the story. I'm glad to be able to have a book to read to them which also has a wonderful teaching message.     ~Reader,

Grasper is such a nice book!! Not only for children, it's a metaphor for life!!! What if you stay in your comfort zone, it's safe and outside is where the magic happens, is where you learn and encounter new things!!  ~ Louise B., Amazon Reviewer