P. Bear's New Years Party

Designed to teach beginning readers basic counting, this fresh and imaginative narrative tells how Mr P. Bear decides to throw a formal New year's party, and so invites his "best-dressed" friends.  The guests include panda bears, penguins, dairy cows, skunks, and an orca whale - each sporting a black bow tie and all strikingly presented in black-and-white graphics.

A seemingly simple counting book, P. Bear's New Years Party offers the young reader - and the young at heart - much to do, anticipate, and delight in. The book invites readers to count twelve kinds of black-and-white animals, learn from the moving hands of the clock, and watch the sun set and the moon and stars rise as they anticipate the moment when Mr. P. Bear and his guests gleefully shout together... "Happy New Year!!"

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Ring in the new year with P. Bear now.

Praise for P. Bear's New Years Party

My two year old enjoys this book no end. We love the illustrations of all the black-and-white creatures (orca, penguin, panda) and the concept of them all showing up for a black tie party is very clever. Will look for more from the same author and illustrator.

  ~ Culture Vulture, Amazon Reviewer

P. Bear is having a New Year's Party and all his best-dressed friends are invited. Each time the clock strikes the hour, a corresponding group number of exotic animals shows up. By midnight, P. Bear has a full house and your child will have a grasp of the clock face.

This sturdy board book is attractively illustrated and is great for years of childhood. The simple black, white and red illustrations are perfect for newborn eyes as parents first read aloud to their babies. The board book is handy for toddlers who love to be rough with their beloved stories. The sequential numbers teach counting to preschoolers and the reference to time with the appropriate clock-face on each page sets a great foundation for learning to tell time. Besides, the book is full of exotic animals. What child doesn't enjoy that?

  ~ Armchair Interview (Amazon Review)

I am a kindergarten teacher.  Our class uses this book to learn how to tell time to the hour; read number words of one - twelve; learn vocabulary words such as "invitation" "few" "herd" "bunch" "half-dozen" "a pack" "a flock" "dozen" and other vocabulary words.  Beautiful illustrations using only black, white and red.

Another teacher introduced me to this book and now all four Kindergarten teachers are using this book in our classrooms.  I am glad to see that a paperback will be available so I can offer this to the students to use instead of using my hardback copy.  The hardback copy did offer the opportunity to discuss that the book has a "jacket to protect the book, just like you wear a jacket to protect you from the weather."

I can hardly wait for this book to be available in the paperback.  This is a highly recommended book not just to use in the classroom, but for families to use at home!

  ~ DJ's Treasure, Amazon Reviewer