Why an author Visit?


I didn’t try my hand at writing until I was thirty. What prompted it? A visit by a real-live-famous-author to a school I was substitute teaching at. I’d never met a famous author before. And like my students, hearing our guest say, “you can become a published author one day, too”, totally energized me. From that day forward I believed in my creative ability and it changed my life forever. See? Magic.


Now, thirty more years on I can report that my visits at schools have had the very same effect. Afterwards teachers report that their students beg to stay in during recess so they can write. Parents email me to ask, “What did you do to my kid? They never liked writing before. Now it’s all they talk about.” 


Imagine taking your entire student body on an all day field trip to meet a famous author, during which every child interacts with that author THREE TIMES. FIRST, to be inspired by the author's own "show and tell" story. SECOND, at a workshop to learn proven writing techniques. And THIRD, when the author visits their classroom for up close and personal Q&A, and all this for for around $2 per student. Best part? You never leave the building! No buses, no volunteers, or insurance needed. You simply pick a date, we work out a schedule, and I show up with my presentation equipment and books. That’s it. Inexpensive and easy.

Everybody tells stories. That's what humans do. And that's the good news, because if you can tell a story you can write a story. And that's my mission - to inspire every child to discover, tell, and write a story of their own.

  ~ Paul Owen Lewis


"The response to your words was heartwarming as every student came back eager to try his or her hand at creating a story ...every child felt successful and the pride on their faces as they received the laudits from their peers was to be treasured."      

~Bonnie Nelson, teacher

"I have scheduled Paul Owen Lewis in many schools in our area the last few years.  The reviews I receive are ALWAYS superior with many requests for follow-up visits.  Paul's programs about the writing process and book illustration inspire students to follow their dreams, and since every child has a dream, every child feels empowered and inspired to share theirs in words and pictures right away."

~Carol Berry, The Literacy Connection

"The days directly following your presentations were our parent teacher conferences and I had multiple parents telling me the positive effect you had on their child."      

~Diane Wells, teacher

"I have had the pleasure of hosting multiple visits with Mr. Lewis over the last 18 years. An author visit with Paul Owen Lewis is a powerfully creative day of storytelling and writing for everyone. Students AND teachers walk away with tips and tricks for story writing, as well as a desire to write their own story. HIs example is truly infectious!"

~Lynne Reid, librarian, The Alexander Dawson School, Las Vegas, NV

"I have never heard so many accolades from students and teachers alike, as after your visit. The resultant writing is still going on, and your books are on hold from now until June. I made sure to tell the kids they can get them at the book store, too!" 

~Cathy Comfort, librarian

"I was walking in my neighborhood years ago with my dog, when I started talking with a kid who was on his way home from school. He told me that he had had an author visit at school that day (Templeton Elementary in Tigard). I asked him who it was and he responded that it had been Paul Owen Lewis and that it was 'awesome'! He was so excited about having met a 'real live author', that he started talking with a stranger on the street (who happened to be a school librarian!). His enthusiasm was certainly one of the reasons I decided to join the other Beaverton schools and invite you to Hiteon once again." 

~ Jenny Takeda, librarian

"I was a little nervous about meeting a 'real live author' and your gentle kindness put me at ease right way" 

~Marie Gibson, teacher

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