In the storm-tossed seas along the rugged Northwest Coast, an Indian boy is thrown from his canoe into a great mystery. Washed ashore before an unfamiliar village, the boy finds his arrival has been eagerly awaited by the strange and giant "people" there. Just who are these beings? And what do they intend for their guest? What follows both answers, and deepens the mystery.

Careful attention is paid to historical detail both in the story and the vibrant illustrations. Storm Boy follows the rich mythic traditions of the Haida, Tlingit, and other Native peoples of the Pacific Northwest Coast, whose stories often tell of individuals cast mysteriously into parallel worlds inhabited by animals in human form.

You are welcome, son of a chief from above.

He kept his eyes closed and held on tight.

Discover deeper worlds with Storm Boy now.

Praise for Storm Boy

People will be framing the artwork from this book fifty years from now. And it's one of my son's favorite books. Great for reading aloud, one of the books you keep reaching for. A classic story, well told and beautifully rendered with images that are faithful to the actual traditions and styles of the Haida and Tlingit people. So it's not just "mind candy" -- it's an introduction to a culture.     ~Jane Bedinger

Paul O. Lewis does a great service to children by using a scholarly approach to his young hero. Giving us not only rich and evocative artwork but portraying the ancient tale of the mythic hero with fresh and innocent eyes is a wonderful gift. Readers seeking the beauty of a children's book that provides an uplifting experience and faithful cultural feeling will fall in love with this book just as I have.     ~V.S.

The power and mystery of a universal spiritual experience has here been made accessible, illustrated with clarity, accuracy, and respect for northern Northwest Coast art traditions.   ~Steve Brown, Asst. Curator Native American art, Seattle Art Museum

Storm Boy's adventure in the stange undersea world of the Killer Whale people captures the narrative flavor of Northwest Coast myths that explain the origins of the emblems and privileges so valued by noble families. Paul Lewis's chimerical illustrations amplify the story much as the dances and crest art of the Northwest Coast people have for untold generations.

  ~Bill Holm, Curator Emeritus, Northwest Coast Indian Art, Burke Museum, University of Washington