The Jupiter Stone

A small striped stone tumbles through space before coming to rest on primordial earth. Where did it come from? What can it tell us? And where is it going? 

As a glimpse into the infinite, THE JUPITER STONE will inspire more questions than it answers.

A smal striped stone tumbled in the vastness of space.

Until one day a child found it.

Journey through time and the cosmos with The Jupiter Stone now.

Praise for The Jupiter Stone

The Jupiter Stone as a children's picture book is as enigmatic as Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey is for feature films.  Starkly beautiful and mysterious, it will leave children (and adults) with mind-bending questions that last a life time.

  ~ Jacob Lucadish, online reviewer

This book is short and simple, with lovely pictures and a wonderful ending !  Great for kids who like space, sci-fi, and wondering about the universe.  It is short and beautiful enough to hold the attention of a very young child but our 5-yo loves it too and asks to read it over and over.  ~ Linda B. , Amazon reviewer

Both of my daughters, ages 5 and 2, love this book.  The illustrations are beautiful and the story is thought provoking.  It makes them ask lots of questions.  We read it over and over! 

  ~ Amazon reviewer