The Starlight Bride

In the days of castles, kings and honor, a young Prince must marry to become King. The Prince's search for the right young woman to become his bride forms the basis of this delightful story. The young Prince calls upon his greatest strengths-his faith, confidence, and his ultimate belief in love. In a magical, mysterious and romantic turn of events, the Prince looks into the eyes of his true love at last. 

He took the rose in hand and returned to the castle. That night he dreamt of love.

It was I, your highness. I placed the rose at the foot of the tree.

Find true love with The Starlight Bride now.

Praise for The Starlight Bride

A beautiful story about marriage and values. The message is that you should marry the person who shares your values and will support you in keeping them and becoming a good person. Cute illustrations, and lovely message. I would skip the last couple pages, as they are a little anti-climatic, but still a great read. Especially good for teaching  little boys about true values. Also would make a great wedding or anniversary present.

  ~ happy review warrior, Amazon reviewer